5 Makeup Tips for Glowing Winter Skin

Harsh winters don't mean you have to sacrifice great skin. Since the air is naturally dryer, all the moisture is zapped from our skin and we’re left with a dull complexion without much glow. But, with great makeup products, you can continue to glow all year long!

We got some expert makeup tips from CEO Tiffany Haas. With years of experience on the stage in Miss America pageants and as Glinda in WICKED, she knows a thing or two about application. We trust her guidance and wanted to share her wisdom with your here! Read on to discover the best makeup for a winter glow.

Use a Thick Moisturizer

The start of your makeup routine should include a great moisturizer. Applying a good moisturizer first will help with your makeup application and keep red cheeks safe from the harsh weather. We like this one from Aveeno. It's sheer, lightweight, and has a SPF. All of which will protect your skin all winter long!


Your makeup will look it's best if you prime it. A primers job is to keep your foundation and eyeshadow from budging. There are a ton of options on the market, we like using a spray. It's a good way to start the makeup process and create a nice barrier between your moisturizer and foundation. The 3-in-1 primer from Too Faced is AMAZING. It has the ability to work as both a primer and a setting spray, so you get more bang for your buck.



You can achieve a nice dewy complexion with a great foundation. In winter, swap the lighter, sheer foundation for something with more sustenance. We like the Amazonian Clay Full Foundation from Tarte because it has a lot of ingredients that are great for your skin and the thicker formula is a perfect barrier between you and the cold air. Plus, it will do a better job of hiding the flushed cheeks!


Every girl needs a great concealer to keep the winter glow going. And, we are absolutely partial to the Camouflage Concealer by FullBeat. It comes in five great shades and is the richest and creamiest formula you’ll ever find in a tube! It glides on for a silky cover that's smooth and easy to provide long-lasting, camouflaging coverage!

Highlighting Bronzer

There's nothing that makes us happier than a product that will do double duty and at FullBeat, we've got you covered.  Just like the setting spray, a highlighting bronzer adds definition and the all-important GLOW! Our bronzers begin as a cream and are baked for 24 hours to create their smooth, long-wearing color. What you get is a swirl of color infused with gold shimmer for the best winter glow. They're also good for your skin. The formula is composed of baked minerals, botanical extracts and natural colorants that leave your skin happy!