Five Beauty Products to Add to Your Spring Makeup Routine

Here comes the sun! We are well on our way to gorgeous sun and warmer weather. Because the season is changing, we are looking for ways to add other changes in our lives too. Our makeup routine is definitely one of them. We've got five products we highly recommend if you want to mix up your routine!

  1. Brow Pencil

We love beautiful eye makeup. One area that gets overlooked is a strong brow. Defining your brow is a lot like framing your face, and adds emphasis to your fabulous eyes. This spring, if you don't already, we encourage using a brow pencil to see how it changes your game. Already use a brow pencil? We've got good news for you. FullBeat carries a waterproof mineral formula that gives you the fiercest brows imaginable. It's dual-ended so you can brush hairs into place or feather out for a more natural look.

  1. Mascara

While we are on the topic of fabulous eyes, let's discuss mascara. Chances are you are already using this product, and we encourage you to continue to do so. The changes for spring would include how you wear it. We already talked about the makeup trends for this spring, which includes a focus on natural with a splash of glow. Try swapping your fake eyelashes for mascara with a lot of punch and use a shadow that is neutral for a night out! FullBeat's Drama Lash is a good example. The formula gives definition and length. Use a single coat for day and an extra coat for those special occasions.

  1. Lip Liner

Do you use lip liner? If not, you should give it a try this spring because it will elevate your luscious lips to the next level. A lot of people avoid lip liner. They either think it's too dated or they aren't sure how to make it look natural. We hope we can change your mind because this product is phenomenal! Use it under your lipstick by tracing your lips and then filling it in, or use after you apply your lip color to clean up the edges! The last one is our very own Tiffany Haas' favorite trick. Looking for a matte look? Use the lip liner to fill in your pout for a look that lasts!

  1. Contour

We believe in working with what our mama gave us because we are all beautiful goddesses. That's why we love the contour trend for this season and how it celebrates our individual beauty. The Shade Your Heart Out kit from FullBeat is just the ticket. It includes six shades that let you contour and highlight. The shades are buildable and blendable giving you a lot of control over the final look. Something subtle for the day and dramatic for evening. It's entirely up to you!

  1. Gloss

Matte lipstick is like the little black dress that will never go out of style. Updating your makeup routine this spring should end with a beautiful gloss. It doesn't have to be clear unless that is your jam. Those who are more daring can opt for something bright and bold. The Color Lush Lip Gloss from FullBeat is just the ticket. It comes in eight delicious shades that range from bold to subtle. The formula is luxurious and feels fantastic when you apply it. The ingredients inside also give your lips a smooth feel.