Lip Liner 101: How to shape the Perfect Pout

In our opinion, lip liner doesn't get enough credit. Admittedly, in the 90's there were some liner trends that we still shutter about, like a nude lip with a dark outline. But even though we've moved on, it seems some people have left lip liner behind. The problem is we are missing out on all the benefits this tiny cosmetic piece brings to the lip game. If you're interested in learning the magical wonders of the lip liner, we've put together a step-by-step guide just for you.

Why Use Lip Liner?

It's true. You could just apply your lipstick directly to the lips without the need for lip liner. In a pinch, we do it ourselves! The reason we love liner so much is its ability to define and shape the pout. If you want to make your lips look Kylie Jenner full, you have the option to add some "volume" but applying the liner strategically. There's also the option of reducing the appearance of fine lines. Wearing matte lipstick can settle into the creases and cracks. Applying lip liner will act as a barrier, so the lipstick doesn't settle.

Our favorite reason for using lip liner is the ability to stretch out the wear-ability of the lipstick. Lipstick wears off when you're living your best life. Sips of your favorite drink, bites of delicious food, and kisses for your beloved pet are the biggest culprits. A little liner under the lipstick will help keep it in place no matter what the day decides to throw at you.

Matching Lipstick and Lip Liner

Not every brand of lipstick is going to carry an exact match in a liner. That's ok! You don't need it to, all you need is for them to be in the same color family. Contrasting your liner is a little dated, so we suggest keeping it as close as possible.

Shopping for liner can be tricky if you already have the lipstick. Don't leave home without it and bring it with you. You can swatch on your skin to find the best match! If you're a fan of the FullBeat collection, we've taken the guesswork out for you!

Our pencils are made from a creamy formula that will help define and shape your lips without dragging or pulling. We know the importance of matching shades. When you shop for liners on our page, we listed the best lipstick and lip stay shades that will complement.

Lip Liner Application

Step 1

Prep your lips! We recommend this every time you put something on your lips. Whether it's a gloss or lipstick, use an exfoliator to remove dead skin and a vitamin E stick to add moisture. You'll thank us later when your pout perfection is on point.

Step 2

Start at the Cupid's Bow. It's the center part of your top lip. You can draw any shape that you think looks best. Most makeup artists recommend starting with an "X" to get real definition.

Step 3

Outline your top lip and bottom lip. It's during this step you can begin to add a little fullness by exaggerating your lip line. The most natural look is achieved by applying the liner just inside or just outside the lip.

Step 4

Fill in your lips with a little more liner. You don't have to cover everything. But, adding a little more will give your lipstick longer wear time! And who doesn't want that?

Step 5

Apply your lipstick!

Step 6

Clean up edges with my lip liner. It's an effortless way to get the edges near the corners of your mouth smooth and defined.

Step 7

Blot! Take a napkin and give it a couple of kisses to remove any excess lipstick.

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