Spring’s Prettiest Makeup Trends

Spring is almost here, and we're very excited about changing out our makeup routine to accommodate the warmer weather! Because we know you love makeup as much as we do, we put together a list of Spring 2019's prettiest trends. Some of the trends you might recognize from last year are going to stick around, but there are notable changes and additions to the list! Read on to learn more.

1. Shimmery Eye Shadow

We had to start the list with something that means a lot to us here at FullBeat -- shimmer! Shimmer shades never disappeared from our makeup bags, but in spring they are going to be all the rage. That makes us very happy! We love this trend because shimmer has the ability to make your eyes look bigger and brighter! It can practically fool anyone into believing you've had your eight hours of sleep even if you haven't. Swipe it all over the lid and apply a little underneath. Take a lighter color and dab it to the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes appear brighter!

2. Jewel Tones

Get ready to shine like a gem! This season jewel tones are taking over from pastel colors. We can't say we are complaining! Color is fun, and we're happy to have an excuse to play with it -- especially makeup! If you want to play with jewel tones, pick colors that are rich and highly pigmented. Otherwise, they will come off looking a little pastel. Get bold! Don't be afraid to mix and match colors. If you want to take it to the next level, you can paint your nails in jewel tone polish as well.

3. Extra Dewy Skin

Dewy skin was all the rage in 2018, and in 2019 it's not budging. However, it will take on a slightly different form. Getting the look requires more than just a high-shine highlighter. It also needs a dewy foundation and concealer. The idea is your whole skin looks fresh as a daisy. We're up for anything that calls for a bit of highlighter. They make your cheekbones look amazing. If you want to participate in this look, we recommend using the Camouflage Concealer from FullBeat. It's full coverage and oh so creamy!

4. Luminous Skin

If dewy make you look shiny, luminous skin is all about matte products mixed with highlighters. The goal is to provide a glowing, fresh from the spa look with the use of makeup. Getting the look requires a matte foundation and concealer. But, you can use highlighters, bronzers, and blush to give you a contoured glow. The perfect companion for this look is our Shade Your Heart Out contour kit. It's six different shades of silky pressed powders designed to give you a flawless and natural complexion.

5. Gloss

2019 is all about getting your glow on, and that's is absolutely fine by us! If shimmer shadow is for the eyes and highlighter for the face, then gloss is for the lips! Don't be afraid to use them all at once! The team here at FullBeat likes to achieve this in a few different ways. We have the Dynomint Lip Gloss that has translucent color and sparkles with an almost glass-like finish. Um, YES! But, there is also Color Lush Lip Gloss. It's a gloss with tons of pigment. You can't go wrong with either choice or any of the shades. It's almost impossible to decide which one we love the most!