The Best Products for Winter Skin

We hear a lot about changing our skincare products in the winter, but does anyone really know why? Actually there are several reasons why! In the winter, the sun isn't as strong, which means there is less moisture in the air. This drier air sucks moisture from our skin. Also, most of us tend to spend a lot more time indoors (unless you live somewhere that is 70 degrees year-round). We also turn the heat up more, and take hotter than normal baths or showers.  These hotter and drier temperatures can rob our skin of oils and make it look dull.

So what can we do to eliminate red, dry skin and keep it healthy and radiant instead? You guessed it, change our skincare products! The first line of defense against harsh winter weather is using products that promote moisture and keep our skin tone even. Below we've highlighted some products we think your skin would benefit from most this winter.

Cream Cleanser

Let's start with the cleanser. You want to purchase something that is gentle but effective. Sometimes mild cleaners really don't get all the makeup off, but this one from Dermalogica is on point. It's very soft gel/cream that works with almost kind of every skin tone. It will not only help keep your skin radiant in the winter but can be used year-round for those who suffer from sensitive skin!

Body Lotion

Lotion is a favorite step in our beauty process because it makes our skin feel and smell delicious. Lotions are either water or cream based, and in the winter you want the formula to be thick. Look for a body butter like this one from Soap & Glory. The ingredients include shea butter, vitamin E, and other nourishing oils that will protect your skin from losing any more moisture. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing!!


Alright. We know it might seem a little crazy to ask you to exfoliate during the winter, but it's an excellent idea. Dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface of your skin, and when they do they act like a barrier. Sloughing them off will help your products penetrate and do what they are meant to do which is protect your skin. You don't have to go crazy, but we like this one from The Ordinary. It uses a combination of AHA and BHA acids to gently but effectively slough off the skin! Oh. And, also it's only $7. WIN!

Lip Balm

We're going to toot our own horn for a second, but we promise you'll thank us in a second. Nothing is worse than dry, cracked lips and they are synonymous with winter months. Plus, dry lips don't look so good when you are trying to pull off a fantastic lip shade. Our suggestion is the FullBeat Lip Treatment. It's two products our Lip Pumice and Vitamin E Stick. The pumice will remove dead skin, and the vitamin E will hydrate and keep them feeling silky smooth. Your lipstick application will be flawless. Trust us.


Water is THE beauty product that you should have a year round. Drinking enough of it will promote healthy cell development and keep your glow even in the snow. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) So, don't waste time and keep yourself hydrated. And, no, coffee doesn't count. It can be challenging to remember to drink water throughout that day that's why we think you should do it with this water bottle! It's 32 oz, stainless steel, BPA free, and PINK!